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WinGuider, a PRO at YOUR service! (and WindowsGuides.EU) is created and operated today by a person, with 20 years of experience installing, configuring, securing and hardening Windows computers for larger companies. The problems that users normally encountered were already addressed during the installation of the computers so that the problems were resolved even BEFORE the users logged on for the 1st time! But why should only companies enjoy fast, stable and secure computers?  WindowsGuides.EU now offers THE SAME (though more optimised) installations directly to you as a private person. The 1 and only on the Internet to do so..


The internet's only provider of professional, well-thought-out and well-tested installation-guides, specially designed for and directed to private individuals. (who runs is UNIQUE in several respects!

1: WinGuider offers 20-years of IT-skills DIRECTLY to YOU as a private individual.

2: In THE ULTIMATE WINDOWS 10 INSTALLATION, all the complicated bits have been automated so only basic computer skills are required to succeed! (It´s created so non-professionals do succeed)

Why should private individuals suffer from lethargic, unstable and infectious computers, when companies buy expensive consultants to get RELIABLE and SAFE computers? is a private individuals ' IT specialist, an IT-professional who delivers "Do It yourself guides" that gives your home computers: EXTRA STABILITY, MAINTAINED PERFORMANCE and very good protection against viruses, Trojans, Rootkits and similar attacks! WinGuider is for YOUR Safety & convenience. All via a reasonably priced and optimised guide!

THE GUIDE´S UNIQUE HELP FILES AUTOMATE ALL THE DIFFICULT STEPS. So you don't need to be an expert, read more..

SIMPLE GUIDE CREATED SO YOU DONT NEED ANY SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE! Simple, step-by-step instructions lead you safely, at YOUR own pace!  No hassle!

THIS GUIDE OPTIMISES AND ADAPTS YOUR COMPUTER THROUGH UNIQUE HELP FILES! This is the Internet's ONLY Installation guide with anything like this!


For years the founder has daily examined malware of all sorts. Thus, WindowsGuides has learned HOW viruses, trojans and spyware infect your computer. This guide does EVERYTHING possible to prevent these attacks from succeeding!

AMAZING STABILITY! makes your computer REALLY STABLE, you no longer get sudden hangings & restarts. etc. The build-up of the installation minimises these problems. You may run several programs at once without much loss of performance. Your computer will work for many ears in a row without the need for reinstallation etc.  

Windows as Windows should be!


The performance your PC has right after the installation is retained for years, thanks to the PROFESSIONAL configuration!