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WinGuider.se was started sometime between 2003 and 2004 by Thomas Ekström. Who then, later on, translated one of the guides and started WindowsGuides.eu in late February 2019

1996, I was educated as an "IT coordinator", an education that concerned Windows and Novell (which is currently decommissioned)

Windows training focused on the then new Windows NT4 and affected support and installation. And the teacher was really focused on Windows security.

-We learned about the security of File system: NTFS and how to use it to control who gets the privilege to do what.. (widely used on corporate networks, making sure The Payroll department's files cannot be read (or even worse changed) by other than those belonging to the payroll department, etc.) This security is available on each Windows computer's hard disk and is used in a similar manner.

-For example, a regular user should Not have permission to overwrite files in the Windows folder. For example, if the A Windows Update needs to replace one or more DLLs, so this can happen regardless of the permissions that the logged-on user has, when Windows Update runs with the permissions that Windows Update needs.

This is when the malware (computer virus, Trojans and the like) usually want 2 things: 1: Create files in the Windows folders (so these "disappear" among other correct files) 2: They want the ability to Inject code to one or more processes that Windows runs, so that these " Looks like "to be" real Windows processes in case someone controls which processes consume a lot of processing power or memory!

All of the above, is examples of what malware can do if you are logged in with Administrators permissions, if the user had logged in with a regular account, then these malware would no longer "inherit" any administrator privileges (because there are none to inherit!)

-We also learned about the security of the registry, the database where all the settings of the Windows system are stored (before Windows NT these where stored in files on the hard drive). Here, security actually works exactly the same as in NTFS, and for the same reasons.

If the user is logged on with Administrative permissions, malware may write and modify the systems registry settings, so changes affects all users of the computer.. If  the user were logged in as a standard user, any malware would only be able to change the user's settings and that would NOT be able to affect any other users ' settings..

Note! This is only the basis for the security of Windows. And this shows how  important it is to never use the computer with administrative permissions, as these are no longer needed to use the computer or its programs.

However, modern Windows versions feature: User Account Control (UAC) ensures that if you log on as a standard-user and you, for example, double-click on a SETUP file to install a new program etc. Then, The UAC pops up a dialog box where you may allow the setup to to run with the administrator's permissions, just as if the administrator himself ran this setup file. And this without you having to log out and in as Administrator or similar..  UAC makes YOU the administrator when needed, but without you having to logon as Administrator!

WindowsGuides utilises all these advantages in the ULTIMATE WINDOWS 10 INSTALLATION-GUIDE, as it ensures that all users protect the computer by no longer sharing their own administrator privileges with all the malware they encounter. This alone protects your computer more than the best security software may, if you continuously log on with administrator privileges.

Since 1997 I have been working with Windows support and Windows security, in 2000 I started working with antivirus protection for just over 17.000 computers and close to 600 servers. I did receive training and education in antivirus, and their function, how malware ("Viruses") works, how to hinder their harmful effect when your virus protection cannot detect  or handle one or more viruses.

-These experiences that I learned are all included in the Ultimate WINDOWS 10 INSTALLATION-guide. You get these professional adaptations automatically! And they do not limit you or your computer or it´s performance, on the contrary, they reduce your computer's load as you do not need to install any additional "security software" other than your regular anti-virus software.

And make sure to get a better working security software than the built in Defender, that has not had a good protection record at all. Vulnerabilities that may be exploited by exploit kits that automatically search the Internet for for vulnerable computers. If you are vulnerable, it is only a matter of time before one of  these exploit kits "find" you.. And if you are logged on as an administrator when an exploit kit hits your computer.. They own your computer WAY more than you do..

However, if you log on as a standard-user, that severely limits their ability to exploit any vulnerabilities! A proper anti virus-software will often BLOCK any attempts to exploit vulnerabilities!

THE ULTIMATE WINDOWS 10 INSTALLATION-GUIDE eliminates all of the above faults, in a fast and secure way... For less cost than what a computer-repairer/computer-store would take to install your computer And they usually does that in a wrong manner (there is only 1 account (=your account) and that account is the administrator.. If that account gets unusable, then you are locked out of  your own computer. WindowsGuides makes sure you have a separate, dedicated, Administrators account and corrects all the errors that are usually found in the  computers of non-professionals. And ALL THIS FOR ONLY €19 incl. Vat!

The International Version: WindowsGuides.eu was started this year after I translated the ULTIMATE WINDOWS 10 INSTALLATION into English. If you are not English, It lets you choose any language you like, and your language for your keyboard, etc. It is not without a reason that the guide is called: THE ULTIMATE WINDOWS 10 INSTALLATION-GUIDE!


All you need is a thumb-drive of at least 8GB

NOTE! The download will start automatically after payment! DO NOT BLOCK POPUP'S FROM PAYPAL! NOTE!

If you have any problems, or questions, please contact: info@windowsguides.eu


The Help files that come with the ultimate Windows 10 installation control up a bunch of settings in Windows, which are a bit inaccurate for private individuals (WINDOWS is basically created for use in companies).

Have you installed your computer a countless of times? But are you really installing and managing Windows correctly?

Lets perform a simple check if you got the most important thing right:

By using the way you would check if you are a member of Administrators group to find out if you have performed the same common mistakes that non-professionals do while installing their own computers and that causes a lot of severe problems.


-Search for and go to: Control Panel, Then select: User accounts, and select: Change Account Type,

Note! If you only need to click: Yes to proceed,  OR there is no UAC-prompt, Then your UAC does NOT work  correctly, at all ...

So at this early stage you would notice if there are common misconfigurations in your computer, Error sthat need correction.


Check if "Administrator" is selected,  In that case your computer has the same faulty configuration as most PCs installed by a non-professional. This is a serious error!

IF YES! That means that you are, perhaps unknowingly, short-circuiting the most important, built-in security features built into Windows. This allows all viruses, trojans, and other malicious things you encounter to "inherit" your administrator privileges. And they  (the malware) are run with administrative rights! Everything you can do, so can they! That is a malware authors DREAM-scenario..

And you give them that for free… Ain´t that wrong?


Any of the malware that hits you while you log on as Administrator can easily take over your computer without you actually not noticing anything! And even Worse, If you happen to run into an exploit-kit, and and your security software are not able to prevent them from using un patched Security Holes! Then they own your computer MORE than your own Administrators account does! (Many anti-virus software are poor at blocking exploits!)

Professionals always use a standard account as this usually mitigates the exploit of security holes often better than any antivirus software can do if you log on as Admin. A Standard account keeps all windows built-in security features up and running and may protect against attacks. NOTE! If you do not have a separate admin account, and your own account becomes corrupt (you cannot log in) then you are effectivly locked out of your own computer, with no help to find.. That is why professionals always use a separate, dedicated, Admin account.

And that is what you automatically get with THE ULTIMATE WINDOWS 10 INSTALLATION-GUIDE!