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This is a SHORTEND explanation of everything that the UNIQUE help-files that comes with

Winguiders Windows 11 installation-guide actually performs for you!

The help files consists of an UNATTEND-xml-file that modifies a number of settings during the Windows-setup.

- It corrects settings for: Ipv4 and Ipv6Settings So your PC will always work correctly with your modem/router etc.

- Diskconfiguration: Erases every partition on your disk, and creates new, correct partitions for Windows 11, it labels the Windows-partition to: Windows_11 and formats it to NFTS, and orders the setup to install Windows 11 to this partition.

- It tells the setup to EnableFirewall and EnableNetwork, It tells windows not to set a preset language, since the install is language neutral so you can install windows in any language of your choice, it uses: RunAsynchronousCommand to run the help-files, it sets HelpAndSupport-information, it creates a dedicated separate Administrators-account with a preset password, it creates a useraccount for the pc´s owner, creates a separate account called: Risky so you may try stuff you are not 100% shure of.. Then it repeats the running of help-files (just to be sure), it disables stuff like: AllowInsecureGuestAuth to increase security, and it sets EnableLUA to make sure UAC will work properly.

The 2 reg-files: SecureWindows11 (is run automatically) and sets computerwide settings: like the way Windows handles BLUE SCREENS, enables logging, disables automatic restart in case of serious system failure, In the event of a blue screen, only one dump file of a measly 256Kb is created instead of a multi Gb dump file, it Adjusts Windows security features, Disables the vulnerable SMBv1, Specifies the correct settings for the paging file & memory management, Enables SafeDllSearchMode, Specifies support information in control panel/system, Corrects display of devices in File Explorer to= Show drive letter first, Customizes explorer's viewing for personal use, Sets Windows telemetry setting to: Include Optional, Improves UAC-settings, Enables phisingfilter in Edge, changes double-click options to open in notepad for common malware filetypes, and customizes user settings for the administrators account and a lot more..
The SecureUser regfile Customizes User related Settings: Customizes your desktop, Enables numlock on the keyboard, Moves log file from DirextX diagnostics to user's Document folder, Enables passive FTP, Sets preferences for Media Player, Aligns MsPaint (Small white box that adapts to the size of the pasted image), Manages apps, customizes settings for IE and Edge, Enables CheckExesignatures to prevent downloads of unsigned (malicious) executable files, General configuration of IE and Egde, sets screen saver to start after 5min. inactivity & requires password when unlocking, Allows you to continue browsing on another device, Enables Windows built-in phishing protection, Specifies sites that are allowed to open new windows (e.g. for router-login), Adjusts Privacy settings for both Internet Explorer/Egdes, activates ActivX filtering, Disables the use of APP ID and enables SMARTScreen Filter, Specifies advanced settings in File-explorer, adjusts file-Explorers Search Preferences, Make the lock screen change the image periodically, Specifies more Internet Explorer/Egde settings, Adds common router login URL to the zone: Local area network for easier sign-in, puts commonly exploited coinminer sites in the zone: untrusted sites, reinforce both IE´s and Edge's security settings in each security zone and a lot more..

Stuff that you could do all by your self, but would take hours to perform manually, some are for the ease the use, some mitigates common attack vectors, etc. the research alone would take weeks to perform, now all these improved setting are set in less than seconds..
These helping customizations comes from knowledge gained during more that 20-years of giving IT-support to both business and non-professionals! The helpfiles make sure you
never need to buy any “tune-up, optimizer, hardener, booster, cleaner”-softwares and the likes..