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Basically, windows, linux, unix and mac are very similar in a safety way.. But while linux and mac ensure that each computer is installed correctly (with a ROOT account as well as one or more user accounts), Microsoft has totally failed to create proper setup of the computer's accounts during the installation.

Each Windows computer comes with a built-in Administrators-account, but since it doesn't fit in the security model in Windows, this account is DEACTIVATED and hidden (and shall so be).

Both Linux and Mac, will automatically create a dedicated, separate Admin-account that the user gets to set a password for, this admin account is used to install the required software as well as updates, etc. When the user is done, the installer in Linux and Mac creates a separate user account (which does not have any admin-rights) for the computer. This is how it should have worked even in Windows, but Microsoft fails to apply.

None of this is listed as an obvious part of the Windows setup-process, Microsoft does not even inform that Windows should have a separate, dedicated administrator account and that users should use regular user-accounts.. This is the main, root cause of why Windows has the worst safety reputation, as Windows has experienced a lot of virus-attacks and exploits of multiple vulnerabilities ever since the beginning.

All this simply because microsoft consistently fail to create an setup-process that builds both Windows and its accounts in the same clever way as both linux, unix and mac have been doing for many years..

Since the early 2000s, most annual surveys have shown that at least 81% of all vulnerabilities in Windows are eliminated if users olny stop signing on as administrators at all time.

The vast majority of vulnerabilities in the Microsoft office and in the then Internet Explorer browser are severely limited when the user is not logged on as an administrator.. This has been confirmed over and over again, year after year..  Although ALL these studies prove that the single biggest factor in Windows being hit by viruses, is that people choose to always log in as administrators, Microsoft has failed to create an Setup-process that eliminates these problems.. If linux, Mac and Unix can do this, why can't Microsoft do the same??

This is why the SUPER-SIMPLE INSTALLATION GUIDE has used professional methods (help-files) to make the equivalent automatically for you when you install Windows 10 via this guide. (The only guide in the world that does this!)

The antivirus software that exists (and which most people don't want to pay for) always has a certain lag, so their protective effect usually comes only after the infection has already spread.. If this lag has not existed in the virus protectionsoftwares then, surely, most malware should have died out quite quickly..
This indicates that it is really not enough to have a antivirus program IF you continue to log in as Admin all the time.. The lag of virus protection combined with people's habit to always log on as admins, IS the reason why so many malwares are still spreading around the world..

Today this is the most important challenge that society has in IT.. to inform & educate the public (both individuals and entrepreneurs) that all it takes to severely limit the damage caused by viruses, Trojans and other malware is simply to perform a few extra steps during the installation of Windows, thats all!

This is a challenge, that WinGuider, since 2003, has tried to beat by offering: GUIDES ON HOW TO INSTALL AND USE WINDOWS CORRECTLY. In 2018 set up this international website aswell.

Both the computer user and the community (as well as the internet) will benefit from helping to greatly reduce the spreading of malware.

So that everyone, who begins to install their computers in a manner that makes sure to separate the Admin-account from the user's own usual accounts will contribute to a sharp decrease in the number of computer problems.

Companies where users went from being administrators on their computers to being regular users, experiense theat the number of support cases decreased to just about a third.. And the same decrease will also be noted by everyone who makes the same shift in their personal computers.. Thus saving alot of money spent on computer support.

Simply to Install and use Windows correctly decreases, as I said, not only how vulnerable your computers are to malware such as viruses, Trojans, spyware and other attacks, but also greatly reduces the amount of computer problems that occur... You simply don't have to waste your spare-time solving various computerproblems or cleaning troublesome viruses, you will also need to reinstall your computer for years to come..

Does not these benefits alone make it worth reinstalling your computer from scratch?

You computer users may then use your computer, internet and its services just as they like, although much, much safer...

This SUPER-SIMPLE INSTALLATION-GUIDE FOR WINDOWS 10 is designed to make your computer fast, stable and extra secure, so it will work for years, without you being disturbed by severe viruseinfecions, trojans, error messages or blue screens or sudden restarts..

The professional's installation-aid make sure that everything that is a little more complicated will be done automatically so that NO technical knowledge is not required anymore. If you are able to: start and turn off a computer, you can type using the keyboard and know how to use a computer mouse or touchpad ..

The SUPER-SIMPLE INSTALLATION-GUIDE ensures that your Windows-pc is installed in exactly the right way, eliminating the bulk of all common computer problems, you don't have to mess with networksettings, with printers or the similar as everything is already correct tuned..

The SUPER-SIMPLE INSTALLATION-GUIDE for Windows 10 works just like Linux and Mac where everything has already been configured in a way that fits 9 out of 10 computer users. The focus of the installation is to create a secure computer that does not prevent the user, but increases usability by reducing the number of problems.

The SUPER-SIMPLE INSTALLATION-GUIDE for Windows 10 tries to create an installation that automatically worked away these problems (which IS the biggest problems that Windows has).. THIS SUPER-SIMPLE INSTALLATION-GUIDE DOES WHAT MICROSOFT FAILES TO DO!...
Namely, to automatically ensure that all computers receive a separate, dedicated ADMIN account, which is only used when Administrative permissions are really needed.. And automatically ensure that the computers user, just like in Linux and Mac, uses regular user accounts.

When a user tries to do something that requires administrative permissions, the computer, just like in Linux and Mac, will automatically show the well-known and ever so misunderstood UAC-Prompt (UAC = User Account Control, corresponds to SUDO in linux and Mac) asking the user to approve that "Whatever it is" actually is allowed to be executed with the Administrator's permissions, simply by allowing the user to enter the Administrator Password, If the right password cannot be specified, the change is prevented from happening..

As you can see, this also prevents unauthorized users to install unwanted software, as well as intentional installation of keyloggers and spyware. (This is why you NEVER should give your Admin-password to others).

This procedure alone, that this optimized installation-guide automatically supply you with, will protect your computer better than any "antivirus program" may you would continue to use Windows while logged in as Administrator all the time..

If you add a BETTER antivirus it will provide an extra protection against harmful attacks.

You may then use your computer more freely, for exactly what ever you want, without having any to unnecessary worry..

The only time you will actually notice any difference in use, is when, for example, you want to install a program, thus you are asked to enter the Admin account password inorder to approve the installation being performed..
Thats just the only time you will notice any difference...